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Vinnies welcomes victory for human rights

The St Vincent de Paul Society has joined other social justice advocates in celebrating today’s decision by the High Court of Australia to reject the Malaysian deal.

National Council Chief Executive, Dr John Falzon said:

“Right across Australia, the grassroots members of the St Vincent de Paul Society will be warmly welcoming the High Court decision.

“We continue to say to the Australian Government: No to offshore processing; No to mandatory detention. This decision offers the nation a wonderful opportunity to re-think our stance on asylum seekers and re-visit our international obligations.

“This is a victory for human rights. We now need to turn this into a new direction for the Government; a direction based on dignity and respect for asylum seekers rather than demonisation and repression.”

Earlier this month, the Society said it welcomed those refugees living in Malaysia, some 4,000 people who were guaranteed settlement under the Malaysian deal, but deplored the Government’s plan to conduct a people swap and its decision to reopen an off-shore processing centre on Manus Island.


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Every day in Australia the Society helps many thousands of people through Home Visitations, Migrant and Refugee Assistance, Hospital Visitation, Aged and Special Care Service, Retail Centres, Sheltered Workcentres, Hostels for Homeless Men, Women and Children, Overseas Relief, Disaster Recovery, Budget Counselling and Youth Programs.

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