Tuesday, 18 December 2018
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About Us

Welcome to our Social Justice Blog!

When we speak about social justice we go to the heart of what the St Vincent de Paul Society stands for.

Our Founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam, once wrote:

“Charity is the Samaritan who pours oil on the wounds of the traveller who has been attacked.  It is the role of justice to prevent the attack.”

In asking the simple question about the causes of injustice we issue a prophetic call to all people of good will to work creatively to build equality and justice into our society.

We seek to share both bread and hope with our brothers and sisters, recognising Christ in their painful stories and witnessing to the Good News of justice and compassion.

They entrust a little of their lives to us. We honour this trust by speaking the truth of their stories and calling on the people of our nation to address the structural causes of poverty and inequality.

We have included on this Blog a sample of some of the writing produced by the St Vincent de Paul Society in an effort to tell these stories.

We welcome your comments and reflections on building a more just and compassionate society.